Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Updates

In just 6 weeks or less, we'll be welcoming the two newest members of our family into the world. This afternoon, I go to the doctor for the 32 week growth scan. Basically, they'll use ultrasound to measure all the babies' parts and see that everything is growing as it should be. I feel confident that the babies are growing, because I can see the evidence. This picture was actually taken over a week ago, so I'm actually a little bigger. Just think of this as my skinny picture.

I'm huge. But that's okay. I guess that's a part of having 2 little people living inside of my belly. I've reached the point of being more pregnant than I've ever felt before, so this is all new territory. Aside from arthritis-type pain in my hands and some backaches, I'm still feeling pretty good. My energy level has taken a little hit, but I've appreciated the extra help from Tom and Grandma Jean, and of course Zeke.

Tom has been working hard to financially support the family. In the daytime, he's been working at his new job with Hayneedle where he writes and edits copy. I think he enjoys using his creativity in a cubicle- and I think he might be pretty good at it! (Of course, Tom is modest about it.) In the evenings, Tom has been playing jazz on his upright bass at a downtown steakhouse/bar. While he's home, we've been putting him to work doing heavy lifting, assembling furniture, family excursions, and making yummy dinners!

Zeke is growing and maturing by leaps and bounds each day. He's verbally exploding, repeating words and short sentences, and surprising us with words we didn't even know he knew! Every day I talk to him about the special role he is going to play as big brother, and that there are two little babies that will be in our family soon. I don't think the kid has any idea.

Zeke has been an enthusiastic helper around the house though. Last week, we made chocolate chip cookies together and he was actually helping with the steps. He loves being in the kitchen while we make dinner. Zeke has recently shown more interest in music and instruments. He loves hanging out with his dad while Tom practices. Zeke can differentiate between a guitar and a bass. I think that's impressive. I think Zeke's piano lessons with Dad will begin pretty soon!

Zeke has also taken an interest in playing with "babies" lately. (Maybe with a little encouragement from Mom) The other day, I came into his room and Zeke was tenderly giving a bottle and pacifier to his baby Elmo. They are both sitting in the "crib" that we made out of a drawer and a towel. It was so sweet. I think he'll be an excellent big brother.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Polish Heritage Days

On Saturday, Sept 12, we headed out west of Omaha about 3 hours to the tiny town of Ashton, NE. This was the hometown of Grandpa Larry! While any day is a great day to visit Ashton, we were especially lucky with this visit. The town was celebrating Polish Heritage Days!

Among the activities were...

All you can eat Polish food buffet and dancing to a live polka band in the hall

Tours through the Polish Heritage museum (and shopping in the gift shop)

And of course, chatting outside while spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles and other family members also of Polish descent. There were a ton of Lewandowskis present!

All in all it was a great day! We're proud to be Polish! (Well, some of us are actually a little more authentically Polish than others, but we're not discriminating).

The Piersma Family Visits Omaha

Way back on August 27, we were thrilled to have a weekend full of fun with our friends the Piersma Family! Casey, Tommy, Kathryn, Eleanor, and baby Madeline made the 6 1/2 hour drive from the cities down to Omaha. It was a weekend full of fun!

In addition to hanging out at the house and just chatting while the kids played, we did a few outings. We enjoyed a picnic at Elmwood Park and the kids had a blast on the playground.

Then we ventured off on the "Bridge to Nowhere" (The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge) which is actually a huge and beautiful bridge that crosses the Missouri River. We started walking from Nebraska and made it all the way to Iowa!

We ended the weekend with breakfast at Perkins and a visit to the Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters just outside of Omaha. What a fun and special visit it was. We can't wait for the next opportunity to spend time with our good friends!

On the way...

Today, I hope to catch up on blogging. Here's a little teaser about what you can expect within the next couple days...

The Piersma family visits Omaha
30 weeks pregnant with twins, and counting...
Tom's new job (Woo Hoo!!)
Our trip to Polish Heritage Days in Ashton, NE

Sorry it's been so slow lately- super busy with work and family, but we're excited to be back!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heading Out for the Day

Whenever Tom is in charge of getting Zeke dressed to head out into the community, they inevitably end up in coordinating outfits. Here's what we've got today... I love it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinosuar Train Revisited

Yesterday, I wrote that NETV's decision to move Dinosaur Train from the 8:30 AM time slot to 9:30 AM time slot hurts Nebraska families. This was an overstatement. We love Nebraska Public Television. We think they do great work. For me to imply that programmers would knowingly make a decision that hurts families is hyperbolic and disingenuous at best. Our apologies to the fine folks in the programming department. Thanks for all your hard work. Without you, I must remind myself, we wouldn't even have Dinosaur Train. And that is something I don't even want to think about.

Choo! Choo!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Open Letter to Nebraska Public Television Programming Deptartment, RE: Dinosuar Train

Dear NETV Programming Department,

We are sure that you have an excellent reason for moving Dinosaur Train from the 8:30 AM time slot to the 9:30 AM time slot. We appreciate what you do over there at public television and do not wish to be overly critical of your programming choices. However. Are you out of your freaking minds? Dinosaur Train was a perfect fit for the 8:30 AM time slot. Your decision to move Dinosaur Train from 8:30 to 9:30 hurts Nebraska families. I can speak for my family with utter certainty: Dinosaur Train at 8:30 AM is a core element of a successful, on-track morning. Things run amok without it. Please, for our safety, return Dinosaur Train to it's regular time slot.


The L. Family

**Just a clarification- this open letter is in no way related to any programming conflicts that some crazy people may have had with the Discovery Channel. We just really like the show- dinosaurs and trains in the same show??!! How perfect can it be? We're not actually angry, but just wish the show could continue in the 8:30am timeslot.