Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joy of Love 11: Dreams

Prompt: What does your loved one dream of accomplishing or doing? Take a photo that pays homage to this dream.

Explanation: After spending New Years Eve 2009 at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, we vowed to return someday. We dream of spending every New Years overlooking this amazing volcano lake. Someday... :)


Joy of Love 10: Space- Where They Are Comfortable

Prompt: What is their “spot” in the house? This can be a chair they watch TV in, a manroom, a bedroom, a workshop, their office, the garage, the car, the doghouse (LOL!). They can either be in the frame or not.

Ezra's favorite spot- his swing!


Joy of Love 9: Passions and Hobbies

Document your loved one’s extracurricular activity today. It can be of them “doing” the activity or just a photo that indicates what the hobby is.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Joy Of Love Project


So on February 1st, my friend Casey joined a special photography/blog project called Joy of Love. Basically, you receive an "assignment" or photography prompt each day in February to take pictures of your loved ones. It doesn't need to be the same person each day, so you can focus on many loved ones! At the end of the month, you can turn it into a cool book keepsake. I loved the idea of it so much that by Feb. 4, I could no longer just be an observer. I signed up for this month-long project and have been receiving prompts daily since then.

I've been trying to catch up and snapping some shots for days 1-8. Here, I will post my first 8 days worth of photos. The photos will appear as I catch up. I'll try to do a post each day in February from here on out. Enjoy! (And it's not too late for you to join the fun either! Click Here for details)

Joy of Love #1 What They Do

This can apply to anything your loved ones “do”….what do they do for work? What do they do for play? What chores do they do around the house? Find something they “DO” and document it.

Joy of Love #2 How They Look

Prompt: Capture your loved one at their best (or at their worst). Or both. What you’re trying to capture is the TRUE essence/expression/attitude/posture that SCREAMS your

loved one!

Joy of Love #3 Then and Now

prompt: How long have you known your loved one? What has changed since you first met him or her? Try to capture this change in photos. it would be even cooler if you can show a photo from the time you first met him and put it side by side with a now photo. Or have your loved one hold the “Then” photo and snap the camera!

Joy of Love #4 What They Wear

prompt: Photograph your loved one’s clothes (either on him or in the closet). This can be when they are dressed up or dressed down.

Joy of Love #5 Love To Hate*


You KNOW your loved one does something that drives you NUTS (but you LOVE to

complain about it and the day just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have to complain about

it). Capture it…if it is a non-physical thing, then just try to take a photo of something that embodies the idea.

*NOTE- I don't actually hate this, but Tom does pull these blue sweatpants up WAY too high and wears them around the house like this. Annoyingly sweet and cute- don't you change sweetheart!

Joy of Love #6 Who They Love


Besides you, who is the apple of his/her eye? Is it your dog, the kids, his parents, his sibling? Document them with their loved one! If the loved one is not close by, then have them hold a photo of their “beloved”…this can also work for loved ones who have passed away.

Joy of Love #7 Generations
Get your loved one with all the generations of family that are close by. If this is not possible due to military deployments or family not being close, then just tuck this prompt away for when everyone is close together again.

Joy of Love #8 Gift From The Heart
What has your spouse (or loved one) given or promised to you (material or immaterial)? Try to capture this “gift” from their heart.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Catching Up

Regular visitors to our blog may have noticed that the past month has been pretty slow on blogs. I'm not going to make a lot of excuses. The truth is that with three kiddos and a move, the blog has not been a huge priority. Now that we're a little more settled (relatively speaking) I'm going to try to get back on track.

So, for your internet enjoyment today, here is some back-blogging from January. Either scroll back through the posts to January or click below to see our new January posts.

Big Cedar

Hanging Around the House 1/23-1/28

Moving from Omaha to Arkansas

Here's one adorable twin pic that I didn't put in any other posts- but I think it's adorable and wanted to share!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Zeke

Today, Zeke turned 2! We had a fantastic day filled with family, birds, fish, and cupcakes!

Highlights included some little birds from Grandma Jean and 2 new goldfish in a tank from Nana and Papa. I made cupcakes that had some Mickey Mouse wrappers on them. Zeke kept calling him Sticky Mouse. He loves his new fish, and we had a great time watching the first ever full length movie as a family- Finding Nemo. What a great day. Happy Birthday, Zeke!