Saturday, January 29, 2011

Big Cedar

On January 28-29, Tom and I headed north to Branson! Well, actually it was just outside of Branson, MO. The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar is a place my parents head often. Big Cedar is a part of the BlueGreen Vacation Club, and it's just under 2 hours from us. This beautiful vacation lodge overlooks Table Rock Lake. My parents gave us a little getaway weekend up there to enjoy. We really lucked out on the weather- it was a glorious 68 degrees!

We loved the 2 hour walk we took around the resort and the twins loved the sunlight!

You'll notice that Zeke isn't in these pictures. That's because he opted to hang out with Nana and Papa back in Rogers, AR. We took advantage of this time to get to know our babies in a slower-paced environment. Our weekend complete with a prime rib dinner overlooking the lake from our room's balcony.

And then there was the photo shoot... We had nothing more important to do than snap some pictures of our quickly growing babies. It's amazing to us how fast they are turning into little people!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hanging Around the House 1/23-28

The weather last week hit all time highs- 70 degrees! We spent some time playing outside in Nana and Papa's backyard. Zeke is pretty tired of looking at me lately. So much so, that he just covers his eyes when I'm around. :)

No joke- this kiddo really wants to play with some friends. Below is a picture I took of Zeke in the backyard looking through the fence to find the kids across the street. If this were a video, you'd hear him saying "Friends? Play friends? Friends out there?" I'm making an effort to find Zeke some friends by attending story/rhyme time at the local public libraries. He loves it. We'll work on finding some neighborhood friends soon.

Here are the three kids hanging out together. Zeke is constantly sitting/lying down somewhere and then telling the nearest adult to "put it right there!" He wants to have his brother or sister set down next to him. After we put it right there, he usually starts saying "Cheese". We indulge him and grab the camera about half the time Here's a cute "cheese."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving from Omaha to Arkansas

We spent Jan 13-22 back in Omaha to wrap up all sorts of loose ends. We hurried back to be at the big $10,000 giveaway at O'Daniel Honda. (Remember back in July when we won $2,500?) Well, we didn't win the big prize, but they did give us sandwiches.

After the non-winning event, we spent the next week frantically running around town and packing up our stuff from the house. I thought it would be pretty easy and not take that long. I wasn't exactly right. It was a lot of hard work, and having 3 little ones made it difficult to do any project for longer than an hour at a time.

But on Jan 22, we hit the road leaving all of our possessions locked up in a 16' POD. Tom pulled some amazing maneuvers getting everything into the pod. He called it a true Polish Packing Job. The final pieces were jammed behind the door as we pulled it down inch by inch, shoving things up a little higher as the door came down securing them. If everything arrives in one piece, we'll be lucky.

We're scheduled to close on our house on Feb. 25. We are so excited! We'll post more photos once it's a done deal and we've got the keys, but here's a little teaser. Our new backyard is HUGE! Zeke loves playing in it already (that's where he's spent time when we've been at the house) and I can see the entire fenced-in yard from the kitchen and living room. I predict many many hours will be spent in our backyard!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, New Adventure

Happy New Year! We've been a little behind in our blogging lately because we've been super busy. You might be wondering what we've been busy with... Well, it's our newest adventure- we're moving to Arkansas! Yes, the Lewandowskis are heading south!

When Tom's contracted writing job ended in December, we were hoping to find the perfect job opportunity here in Omaha. Everyone knows that times are tough and the economy isn't providing a lot of opportunities for job seekers. Our prayers were answered, and Tom received a job offer we couldn't pass up.

We'll be moving to the northwest corner of Arkansas in the Bentonville, Rogers, and Fayetteville area. Tom has already started working for Nelson Counseling and will be assisting my parents in their counseling business. He will also start graduate school to obtain his masters degree in Social Work.

We spent almost 2 weeks in early January down in Rogers, Arkansas. Tom worked and I child-reared. In the afternoons and evenings, we met with a realtor and visited homes. We did put an offer on a great house, and the offer was accepted! So, if all goes as planned, (it's a short sale, so we're keeping fingers crossed) we will be in our very own house by mid- February!

Our new house???

Just Kidding! We're hoping this is the one!

Of course, we're sad to leave Omaha and especially Grandma Jean, but we are excited about the new adventure. Nana and Papa are thrilled to have their grandchildren closer (and us grownups too, I'm sure). We're excited to get to know a new area of the country.

We took a 6 hour Sunday drive last weekend and spent some time enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks, right in our new backyard!

We are back in Omaha right now, tying up loose ends, packing our stuff (again), and loading up a POD. We'll be here through the next week, and then we're off to begin the next chapter of our lives. We'll post more soon about all the great things in Northwest Arkansas. I'm sure there's a lot of things people don't know about this undiscovered gem of a state!