Friday, March 18, 2011

Joy of Love 12: The Eyes

What? You mean to tell me February is over??? Oops!


I had such high hopes for myself with this photo project, and then some of the prompts started to be too tough for me to do since we weren't currently living with all of our stuff in our own house. (Examples: Now/Then photos- ours were all in boxes in a POD, Favorite place in your house- we were just wishing we had our own house- though Nelson living quarters were pretty comfy!) Truth be told, I lost steam and gave up. BUT- I did take these nice pictures of my family's eyes for the day 12 assignment. Do you like them? I do! So, better late than never... Here they are from youngest to oldest: Zadie, Ezra, Zeke, Tom

Today I want you to take a crisp photo of your loved ones eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, to try to truly capture your loved one’s eyes today.

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