Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keep Our Blog Alive Raffle

The future of our blog is uncertain. Here's the deal... Since we moved into our new house, we had been enjoying some "community" internet shared freely by generous neighbors. Recently, all of these free signals have disappeared. We are now without internet at home, with the exception of email and facebook on our phones (not smartphones, but they kind of work).

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were working our Dave Ramsey approach to finances. This has meant cutting all unnecessary expenses or finding alternate ways to pay for the things you want. Dave Ramsey told us that we really shouldn't spend $40 per month to have the luxury of internet at our house. Our budget simply doesn't allow it.

But I want it. I really want it, however, I understand that blogging and uploading photos and stories doesn't count as a necessity. SO I CAME UP WITH AN IDEA!

We are going to be hosting a Keep the Blog Alive Raffle. We are going to get crafty and creative for some lucky winners. We will be selling 50 raffle tickets to win some awesome prizes. You will have a 1 in 7 chance of winning a prize. Pretty good huh! The money we make from our raffle will help pay for internet for one year.

What do you get for your $10 raffle ticket?
1. The chance to win an AWESOME PRIZE!
2. Future (frequent) posts on our blog. We can't blog from our phones. :(
3. Love and gratitude from our family.

Here is a list of the AWESOME PRIZES!
1. Homemade Tag Blanket (made by Karine) for a boy
2. Homemade Tag Blanket (made by Karine) for a girl
3. Baby Legwarmers (made by Karine)
4. Personalized mix CD (made by Tom, tailored to your tastes with some exciting new music for you!)
5. 20 Monster Cookies made and mailed to your home! (made by Zeke and Karine)
6. Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes (made by Karine) awesome for cloth diapering families.
7. One Blog Post dedicated entirely to YOU (or someone you love and want to surprise) complete with a personalized original song/video.

This raffle is open until either August 31 or when we sell all 50 tickets (whichever comes first).

To buy a raffle ticket, and keep our blog alive, please click the paypal link below. For each $10, your name will be entered one time for a prize. Thank You and Good Luck!

1 comment:

Casey and Tom said...

So I'm not going to enter your raffle (not in my budget) but it's a fun idea!

You need Rogers wireless like the Minneapolis program- we pay $15/ month but have to pay for the entire year at once. I think internet is our one nonnegotiable luxury.

Good luck!