Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dome Revisted

Karine accused me of being a bit of a Negative Nancy for my post last night about the Metrodome. I want to make a couple of clarifying remarks before we set off on our adventures today. I love baseball. I love the Minnesota Twins. I especially love enjoying both of those things with Karine's family. But the silliness of the Dome is undeniable. Minneapolis, a city with the most gorgeous summer weather in the country, forces its beloved team to play baseball inside a giant dirty marshmallow. Its a real bummer.

But not forever. In 2010 we have this to look forward to. $544.4 million dollars worth of outside baseball awesomeness. We can't wait.


Chrissy and Tom Ziegler said...

Tom, at 30, you can now be fully honest! My Tom has just found that out, and out! How can we get a hold of you this summer to get together?

megan said...

dude, i am from chicago and going to see the twins is a total bummer. indoors. yucky. outdoors, YAY!!! in a few tears we will enjoy baseball under the sun. and it will be great.