Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Vacation Pics

We took our annual family trip up to New Frontier Resort for the Fourth of July last week. I took approximately 4.6 million pictures. Here are my favorite fourteen pictures of humans. Karine told me that no one wants to see my pictures of trees and animals. I'll post those in a separate entry later. Karine volunteered to write the captions.

**Disclaimer: I (Karine) did volunteer to write the captions, but then Tom did and decided to write them from my perspective. Captions actually written by Tom.

Here are the four Lewandowski kids. Karen Lewandowski Roesner, Tom Lewandowski, Anne Lewandowski Notch, and Doug Lewandowski. This picture was taken after they returned from a siblings only fishing trip. Look at all the fish!

Two of Anne's kids, Natalie and Sam, on a sunset pontoon ride.

Doug's second oldest Jessica. She likes looking at stars and thinking about stuff.

Jessica, Kirsten, and Megan Lewandowski.

Tom took this picture of me on the pontoon. I am smokin' hot! Don't touch me or you might burst into flames.

Megan Lewandowski in action one morning after breakfast. Megan really likes breakfast.

Sam Notch engaging in one of his favorite activities with assistance from Karen's husband Mark Roesner.

Tom entertains the family. His back up singers, Sarah and Allison, wrote a song about eating cheese balls at the cabin on vacation.

Tom and his newest nephew Christopher Notch. Christopher is a very laid back baby. He LOVES reggae music.

Allison Lewandowski surfing behind the boat with her uncle, Jon Notch.

Newlyweds Mark and Karen Roesner.

Lewandowski family matriarch Jean on the pontoon boat.

Anne Notch preparing her breakfast specialty: Belgian Waffles.

Anne and Jon laughing on the couch because their son Sam just appeared wearing all his clothes backwards and inside-out.


megan said...

looks like you guys had a tin of fun!! i saw the giant tub of cheese balls in one picture...did they all get eaten? i would like to have some. yummm...(p.s. after i wrote this i looked and i see i wrote tin instead of ton, but i decided to let it stay that way.i think it is better)

Kristin and Peter said...

great pics! looks like you guys had a great time:-) karine - you are definitely smokin' hot!

Maxime Alarie said...

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Casey and Tom said...

Cute pictures- looks like a great vacation!
Was there an in-law only fishing trip?