Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Funday

I know that a lot of people wonder to themselves, "What do Karine and Tom do all the time???" Well, today our readers will get a glimpse of our Sunday morning fun.

As I am in the house doing a photo shoot for Zeke's passport photo, Tom hears a street vendor calling out his wares. He shouts in to me, "Hey Karine, do we want anything made out of wicker?" I come out to the street and see this nice gentleman pushing his cart up our street. I've seen him many times before, but have never had cash on me when I see him. I picked out a nice bread basket for $2, a woven mat for Zeke's room for about $7.

While I was in the house getting money, Tom spotted something for himself. I came out and he was trying on cowboy hats. For another $6, Tom became the owner of a nice hat- Ranchero style. (The photo above shows him trying on a Vaquero style hat. I thought that style was too tall.)

This is the best passport photo I've taken so far. We're headed to the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa on Wednesday to get Zeke's US birth certificate and passport. Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes smoothly!


Laurie said...

Wow. I can't help myself from typing a note about your beautiful baby. Double wow. The hats are ok. But that baby. Take care in our big city of Tegu. At least it's been a bit cooler with a bit of rain here and there.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture.

Grandma Jean

Candace said...

Great photo! Adorable little baby boy.