Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I learned in sewers, part one

Adolescent boys in the Midwestern United States spend a surprising amount of time hanging out in sewers. That was the word we used for it. Sewers. As in, let's go to the sewer today. I don't think that's quite the right word for it though, for the place we went. Probably not the most accurate word. We were not, for example, hanging out in sewage. We did not pass time exploring the routes through which mountains of poo were flushed away from the homes of suburban Omaha, Nebraska. That would have been gross. Lot of beef eaten in Omaha. The more accurate word for the network of corrugated head high tubes is culverts. That's the word. We hung out in culverts, but we called them sewers. Storm sewers is what my dad called him.

Anyone's parents who knew anything about anything told us to stay the hell out of the sewers, storm drains, culverts. Their parental point of view was understandable. Sewers are a natural congregation point for various unsavory types: rats, raccoons, satanists, homeless people, snakes, and perverts. Not to mention the poisonous gas. All really good things for young adults to stay away from, particularly the poisonous gas and the perverts. But we were eleven, twelve, thirteen year old boys, living unleashed, more or less, in the suburbs. Was hanging out in sewers stupid for all the reasons our parents believed it was stupid? Sure. But we lived in the suburbs. Stupidity was our weapon against the the daily humdrum that held us all in the same smothering embrace.


Jackie Meyer said...

Really, about the nanny: do you really think that any of the Honduran people should respect your persons and your property when you so gleefully applaud a coup and the subsequent oppression?

That 'things look normal' in La Ceiba--rightwing expat central--really elides that well documented oppression on the part of the military and coup government.

You are lucky that Hondurans aren't as vindictive and barbaric as are the blood-thirsty, stupified and propaganda-addeled Norte Americanos.

Jesus-willing you will one day experience the terror that Hondurans have been witness to under US-backed deathsquads (316) and the current coup government.

I don't wish you death, especially the children, but how you can so blithly internalize and spew the propaganda of the coup government points up your generalized, creepy ignorance.

Get out of Honduras, creeps.

You will never experience the terrorism that you would have others suffer so your family can remain fat, willfully-igorant consumers.

Karine and Tom said...

You don't really seem like a very nice person, Jackie Meyer. Except for the part where you said you didn't wish us death, that was pretty nice. Thanks for that.

This blog, if you care to read it, is really a conversation between ourselves and our friends and family back in the United States. We welcome comments from passersby, of course. We've even made a few friends that way. But we don't really want to be friends with you, Jackie Meyer.

If your point of view is valid, and its quite possible that it is, I see no reason to resort to name calling and nonsensical rants.

As far as Jesus is concerned, I'm pretty sure He never wills terror and suffering on anyone. Not really in his wheelhouse.


P.S. We are not fat.

Chris said...

I agree with you Tom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom and Karine., My computer is not working, so I have not been in your loop. As your Mom, it is difficult to read Jackie Meyer's comments. You have both been such advocates of everything Honduran. Who would think your comments would generate such a response.

i did not leave for Las Vegas on Tuesday. My doctor was out of town. The doctor=sub insisted on a CAT scan of my chest and an ultra sound of my left leg, After all that plus the EKG chest ex-ray and blood work, nothing was found. THe doctor was looking for blood clots. I flew to Las Vegas a day after Kathy did. I returned late on Saturday and flew to Minnesota on Monday. LaVon, the kids and I will go to the cabin tomorrow. Love, Mom L

Miami Beach Condos said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Honduras looks like a beautiful place.

Karine and Tom said...

Okay mom, sounds good. Great talking with you tonight. Have fun with Jon and the kids!

KarenLew said...

Jackie Meyer made her comment in the WRONG comments section! Too bad her comment has cluttered what is sure to be another one of Tom's great short stories.

KarenLew said...

P.S. We did not grow up in the suburbs.