Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy Bees

The beginning of a new school year always proves to be a busy time of year. This is especially true if 2 out of 3 members of the family are teachers. We've been otherwise occupied during the past two weeks- preparing for the first week of classes, and now teaching the first week of classes. In the past, Tom has had a bit more time during the day to do some blogging. Our readers will need to stay tuned to see what the former librarian is up to this school year. I'll give you a big hint- it's not in the library, but it's still at our school!

Life is pretty good otherwise. Ezekiel is happy every day when we arrive home. Happy because he's been happy all day, and he's happy again that we've arrived home. We're so lucky. He's been smiling, talking, and fake eating/lip syncing a lot lately. I'm going to try to post a quick video to make people happy- because this type of video makes me happy!

Also, I had intended to use this blog to commemorate each milestone age for Zeke. I have missed his 6 month birthday! At 6 months, he's doing a lot of cool stuff. I think I'll try to do a 6.5 month blog instead- updating everyone on his weight, accomplishments, future plans, etc.

So, blogosphere, please accept my apologies. When we begin to fall into the rhythm of the school year, our blog should pick up again. We'll have interesting stories, political updates, family news, and stuff about our life in Honduras in general. Until then, please enjoy this short baby video.


Anonymous said...

My daughter, Meagan, who got an unexpected surprise to find Tom as one of her new teachers this year thought he was more fun as a Librarain. Tom seems to have a much more serious look about him these days. I hope he doesn't crack over the presuure of teaching 7th. graders. Free Salva Vida hat with the purchase of a 6-pack at the Mega Mart at the mall. Maybe that's what Tom needs to get back into the spirit of blogging again. A few cervezas and a new sombrero.

Ron S.

P.S. Madison misses her 4th. grade teacher

Laurie said...

I am glad you came back to Honduras. How would I survive without the crazy blogging of Tom? I am not teaching this year, but I am focusing on projects for women and children in poor areas near the capital. Enjoy your year!

Guifarro Family said...

Hi guys i live in miami and i follow you guys post and love seeing updates. my husband is in honduras and is not moving to la ceiba. waitting on immigration to approve for my husband to comback but if not i was looking at some schools and came across Mazapan. when looking at the staff i saw you guys pictures. and said hey i know them. lol ., but i realy was wanting to ask you how is that school. is it realy like an "american" school. My 6 year old is in gifted 1st grade, and im scared that if i have to go to Honduras tha schools wont be at her level, id like to talk more to you guys could you email me at, thanks

Jackie Meyer said...

Wow, Amnesty Internation and other organizations have documented many repressive acts by the coup government.

Is it true that most ex-pats totally support the rightwing coup government?

I scanned a blog by La Gringa, and I have to say, I am ashamed that she is such an apologist for this repression.

My family has ties to Honduras, La Ceiba specifically.

The popular classes have suffered incredible oppression for decades--and not one US citizen is capable of mustering anything in the way of empathy or respect for basic human rights.

Very racist and way, way Un-Christian. Jesus abhors the hypocrite.

Speak out, if you aren't totally brain dead and ethically retarded.

Nice kids, by the way. If only you would work for the same level of protection and benefit for the poor that you condescend concern for *(as long as they don't support a more equal distribution of the nation's wealth, right?)

eeewwww...way creepy people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I live in La Ceiba and know Karine & Tom fairly well. I repect the fact that this is not a political blog. If you have a complaint about La Gringas blog you should post it on her blog.

Ron S.