Saturday, October 10, 2009

¡Vamos Honduras!

Tonight is a big night for Honduras. The national Honduras team is playing against the U.S. national team. The U.S. is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the 2010 World Cup. However, Honduras is fighting to win it's place in the World Cup for the first time since 1982, and it seems like we have a good chance! Tonight we're cheering for Honduras- the little country that could!

The game is in San Pedro Sula, a 2 hour trip from our house. Since our little Catrachito (little Honduran boy) doesn't care for thousands of screaming fans near him, we're going to watch the game from home. Here's a short video of Zeke practicing his cheer for tonight.

The whole family is decked out for the evening and we're going to eat a boatload of appetizers for dinner. It's a real party!


Anonymous said...

So far I've heard Zeke say da da and go go. Haven't heard ma ma yet.

Zeke is so handsome in the Blue & White of Honduras. Much better than purple football costume his dad forces him to wear.

Ron S.

Laurie said...

These are some of your best pictures that you have posted! Make sure these are part of a permanent file. I was disappointed in the game last night but I had fun with a group of gringos and Hondurans. But LSU lost, my beloved Baton Rouge tigers.

Anonymous said...

Well, we did it for you tonight. Evidently, we had to tie or win in order for Honduras to have a spot at the World Cup. We scored in the 5th minute of a stoppage overtime. Honduras did their part. Hurray for both of us.

Love, Mom L

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Honduras and the United State

Love. Mom L