Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Fun

We've been busy this month winding down 2009 at school. This past week we had the big Christmas program and it was perfectly lovely! Meanwhile at home, we've spent our evenings enjoying Zeke as he grows from a darling baby into an active little ten-month old boy!

This first video shows Zeke as he's starting to talk and imitate words. We've heard that bilingual babies tend to acquire language a little slower, but he already has a tiny vocabulary that we're very proud of . Some of his words include: Dada, Mama (sometimes), agua, woof, hello, bye-bye, and go. He loves cell phones. Even though he won't say bye-bye on the phone, his hand still waves when he hears and thinks about the word.

I'm not sure if it's okay to put bare bottoms on on the internet, but we think this is just so cute! (Sorry to anyone offended by it, and sorry Zeke if you look at this blog in 15 years!) We've had fun dressing him up for different family outings and also just for fun time at home.

Here we are at the mall looking for Santa. We found the tree and the little house, but no Santa yet! We'll keep trying. We even let Zeke wear his new shoes to the mall for the special outing.

Zeke's newest favorite toy is one we've borrowed from our friends across the street. Their little girl learned to walk quickly with the help of this handy push-toy. Zeke loves it! My friend suggested putting a bag of flour on the bottom to slow it down at first.

When our kitchen supply of flour ran low, we had to confiscate Zeke's and replace it with our bag of basmati rice. Here's a cute little video of Zeke on the move with his walker.

Happy December! (Only 4 and 1/2 days of school left before Christmas break- woohoo!)


my name is Amanda said...

Lots of smiles and laughs in this one! Love Zeke's striped jammies.

Happy Holidays, K&T&Z :)

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

For a while though, I was hearing the same thing, sometimes bilingual babies take longer to start talking...although I saw something just recently on Spanglishbaby saying that experts are no longer saying that. My experience is that my daughter was well within normal limits. She had 100 words by 22 months and 200 words by 24. (I know, most people don't keep track of all their kids' words, but the linguist in me had to track the language development for fun.) Now, at 26 months she is making phrases by putting words together, and I have stopped counting her words because there's just so many! I'm sure Zeke's language aquisition will happen more quickly than some based on the amount of language exposure and varied experiences he has. What a fun time!