Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth...

. . . But I'd settle for one of them just coming in and making the pain stop!"
- Zeke's First Christmas Carol (age 10 months 4 weeks)

Our little guy is teething again! He successfully grew his bottom front two teeth about 2 months ago, but he's really working on his top ones now. Between wrapping presents and singing songs, the past few days have been filled with fussing, fevers, and plenty of diaper changes. I've heard that once the tooth breaks through the symptoms go away pretty quickly. I'm hoping so! We want our happy baby back for Christmas! (Plus we're scheduled to take a 15 hour bus trip on Monday morning.)

It hasn't all been fussiness though. Zeke has taken an interest in the Christmas tree and the pretty packages under it. Tonight, we let him wear his special Christmas pajamas in anticipation of the big night tomorrow. His PJs have sock monkeys dressed in Santa hats. It puts all of us in a better mood.

On a side note- Zeke is not asking for more hair from Santa. He's got plenty! (See photo below)

More tomorrow on Zeke's first Christmas!

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