Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Apple Hunt

We usually try very hard to keep our American traditions alive while living here in Honduras. I had hoped to make an Easter ham today, but the only 3 hams for sale in La Ceiba cost $50 each. I guess that's the price for importing ham! Tom made bacon and egg sandwiches today instead. :)

I also looked high and low to find packages of those brightly colored plastic eggs in La Ceiba. I had no luck. This was probably just as well since Zeke definitely doesn't need the candy usually found inside. I could have dyed eggs without the handy Paas kits. I even found instructions on the internet! But the thought of eating hard boiled eggs for the next 2 weeks was just too much to handle.

Luckily, the Easter Bunny did not forget us here in La Ceiba. It turns out that he does things a bit differently for us when we live in Honduras. The Easter Bunny brought APPLES to our house. It was so much fun for Zeke to do his very first Easter Apple Hunt. He located about 14 apples that the bunny had left around our house.

If a rabbit can lay eggs, isn't it conceivable that he might leave apples too???

Apple pie or crisp to come later!

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