Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honduras Blogs the Coup

Maybe Mel deserved it. Maybe it was a near perfect expression of the will of the people. Maybe Zelaya was a disaster of a president and will always be remembered primarily as a man living in the shadow of his own mustache. But yanking your president out of bed and exiting him from the country is a coup anyway you shake it.

Here's what bloggers in Honduras have to say about the coup. Their opinions are their own.


Laurie said...

Thanks for the plug, and I hope you guys return to this country. We need your sense of humor, as well as dedication.

What about the hat? I think it's worse than the moustache.

Karine and Tom said...

His hats are generally Stetson's, manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company of St. Joseph, Missouri. They're fine hats.

You can't blame the hat for finding itself perched atop what is pretty much an empty cavity.

Aaron Ortiz said...

Umm, Tom and Karine, I hardly know you but I'd like to ask a big favor...

Could you email Obama and your congressperson and tell them how you feel about the situation in Honduras. There is so much misinformation, even from trusted sources such as the BBC and CNN, please help us get the truth out to the people making the decisions!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Tom, when you are wrong, you're wrong, when you're right you are right. Your view is wrong,I have not heard one Honduran complain about the way Mel was removed, nor have I heard anyone remotely call this a military coup. I think they did the right thing, just get him out of here. But never did I expect the condemnation from our government, who knows better than anyone the crimes he has committed and the ones he was willing to commit. Honduras sent a delegation today to the U.S. Scuttlebut is that Obama is not willing to listen to them. Right now I am trying to decide if it's time for my family and I to bug out. Makes me sick to think that our country (U.S.) is willing to side with the likes of Chavez and Castro. Excuse me for not posting my name, but my younger daughter will be missing her teacher from last year if we stay and you decide not to return. Which I highly reccomend that you don't until this is resolved. Which is not looking good.

Karine and Tom said...

We're definitely monitoring events in Honduras carefully and certainly with some apprehension.

I wasn't taking a particular position by labeling the actions of the Honduran opposition a coup. I don't pretend to understand politics in Honduras. The legislature, supreme court, and military leadership saw the arrest and forced exile of Zelaya as a viable solution to Zelaya's unlawful referendum and various underhanded tactics. I can't determine whether or not they were justified in this action because I do not know what they knew when they determined it was their best (or only) option.

However, I think we can all see how the whole situation is playing quite nicely for Mr. Chavez and Mr. Zelaya. Mel Zelaya is not a character who deserves anyone's sympathy, but he is being cast by many media outlets as the victim in this situation.

I understand that many Hondurans view the arrest and exile of Zelaya as a brave stand against foreign meddling and the Latin American slippery slope to dictatorship (Chavez style). And I understand why. I just don't know where these actions are going to lead. They certainly aren't playing well in the court of world opinion.

I honestly don't know what is going to happen next. We pray for peace and calm in the country we love so much.

Take Care,