Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Links Spotlight

Here are some blogs we've been reading lately:

Rori and Jon (and kids!)
Our niece's and nephews' adventures on the Mississippi.

Lindsey's Blog
Family friends. New parents.

Molly's Blog
College friend. New blog.

Jacy's Blog
Funny family tales in SoDak.

Tippy's Blog
Met them in Honduras. Love what they're doing in Kansas.

Chance's Blog
Karine's Underwood High School friend. Teaching in Korea.


Anonymous said...

hey guys, thanks for the link spotlight. i am flattered you'd think of me!

Rori Koch said...

Aww thanks for the link ups as well! Sorry we have been so bad at posting lately. We've been super busy. BUT Grandma is here for a visit...and I will try to make a post soon.
Hope all is well. We will have to Skype sometime this week if you can. We always love that with you all.
Hugs all around :)