Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

For several years, we have been going up north in MN to celebrate the Fourth of July with Tom's family. Since this past year has been such a big year of changes, we were not able to make the trip this year. Instead, we thought of our family at the lake, missed them, but tried to have a good old time here at home. Lots of lawn watering, car washing, and baby cuddling.

Tom bought as many fireworks as one can buy for $25. Snakes, tanks, sparklers, a few little rockets, and we were happy campers in the front yard. Tom had fun introducing Zeke to the manly world of "watching things blow up". Surprisingly, Zadie and Ezra were not at all bothered by the noises and liked the little light show.

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Casey and Tom said...

The first picture of all the kids is adorable!