Saturday, July 23, 2011

July Playtime

Summer really is more about playing than blogging, right? :) We've been keeping cool in the a/c on these hot July days.
Each morning we pick out some toys and dump them on the living room floor and play with them. One of our favorite activities is cars and trucks. We fill them up, drive them around- to the farm, to the library to see "Mister Baca" (the children's librarian, Miss Rebecca), to the "conskwucktion site", to the grocery store, and to the lake to see Uncle Doug.

Ezra started crawling over the 4th of July weekend, so we are now on to the next level of babyproofing! For the past two weeks, Zadie has watched her brothers chase each other around the house, hiding around corners, and giggling upon discovery. For the first two weeks, I would say she showed absolutely no interest in crawling, being content to sit in one place and watch. Over the past few days, she has started reaching forward, propping herself up on her arms, and doing some rocking while seated. I'm guessing she'll be on the move within the next two weeks!

More July fun to come on a different day. Happy Weekend!

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