Friday, September 2, 2011

August Accomplishments and Activities

Hey August- we had fun with you, but you just up and left so suddenly. What's up with that?
I didn't get a chance to do any great recaps. Here's what happened in August for us (youngest to oldest)...

Zadie started crawling! Our happy little girl is on the move now. She tries so hard to keep up with her speedy brothers and delights in being able to get herself from room to room. She's slimmed down a bit this month and doesn't have quite so many rolls. I think she and Ezra are starting to look a lot more alike. Here's a 36 second video of Zadie crawling.

Ezra loves clapping. Seriously. If anyone uses a positive-sounding tone in what they are saying, Ezra picks up on the cue and starts clapping. His sister is usually quick to join in behind him, but he's a real cheerleader. Ezra is also a champ in the highchair. He loves to eat any kind of finger food, and does so with great enthusiasm. Since mealtimes are often hectic around here, the babies have been feeding themselves pretty often. They love peas, carrots, butternut and pasta, chicken, and cheerios.

Zeke successfully beat the paci habit. Giving up his "bepe" was a bit brutal (on all of us) for about a week. It was really tough for us to watch our little guy who had always looked forward to bedtime and hardly ever fussed about it have complete emotional breakdowns. Luckily, the Bepe Fairy doesn't do tradebacks, so we all toughed it out. Zeke has been able to fall asleep pretty peacefully without his paci now for a week, and we congratulate him for it. (Ezra is always game for applauding him) Besides playing all the time with his new big-boy trucks, Zeke happily spends hours playing with his "hooker". (a 12 inch bungee cord with hooks on the ends). Hookers make great cranes, tow trucks, and are just generally great to have a conversation with. (Quote from the living room 5 seconds ago: "Do you have a lot of cranes at your house, hooker?" ) So fun!

I thought that taking care of 3 kids age 2 and under was too easy. I began taking care of a little two year old girl at the beginning of August. The first week was definitely tough, but since then, things have almost been easier than before. Zeke LOVES having a little playmate in the house (and the backyard, and the park, and the library...) and I enjoy having a little side income too. C comes here Monday-Friday during the day, and we're still able to do all of the fun activities we have come to enjoy. She's a really sweet little girl, and I think the arrangement will work out well for everyone!

Tom went back to grad school! Tom is now a full time student and a full time employee, meaning he works and works to squeeze as much into his week as possible. His classes have begun for his Masters in Social Work degree. Tom will be super busy for the next 2 years, but will graduate in Spring 2013. He likes his classes and has made some friends too! I suggested that he find a group of type-A ladies to join for group projects and presentations. So far, he's been keeping up with his homework and even learned a few things about social work.

Well, that's all for us. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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