Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun

We had a fantastic Labor Day, and spent some great quality time together. We started out in the morning with a women and children visit over at my parents' house. My aunt Kathleen and uncle Terry were in town for the weekend from Florida, so it was great to be able to spend some time with them.

While the women and children visited and took a little walk, the men hit the golf course. Tom had two holes where he chipped in the hole. For you non-golfers out there, this means he got it in the hole without needing to putt it in from the green. This requires a great deal of skill and concentration. Pictured here is a guy that is not Tom, but he is demonstrating what great chipping looks like.

Zadie was all smiles as we grilled out in the backyard. We're considering a September camping trip with the kids. To try out the idea, we set up the tent in the backyard. The kids loved climbing in and out.

We grilled brats, sliced up some watermelon, and played in the tent and yard. I don't know if it would be practical to bring high chairs on an actual camping trip, but it was great in the backyard. I got some nice snuggles in with each of the kids.

After dinner, we piled in the minivan and went to Braums to pick up some ice cream. We came home and partied till the sun went down. Zeke got a chocolate ice cream cone, and Tom and I got some blizzard-type things with Reese's. Yummy!

We hope your weekend was as nice as ours!


Rori Koch said...

What a great time! Love the photos too. We sure miss you and but we are all very thankful you blog so we can keep up with how everyone is doing, growing, etc. thanks guys..hugs R

Laura and Joe said...

I love Ezra's outfit!!! Your kids are too cute. Love your camping ides...not sure how practical packing the high chairs will be... :).