Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Early Spring Videos

Life is crazy around here! In mid-March we went on a family vacation to Florida for my cousin's wedding. (Florida vacation pics to be posted soon!) Since arriving home, the weather has been unseasonably warm! We have been spending 5+ hours per day in our backyard. It's awesome.

Zeke's favorite activity is digging and trucking. Often he tows things too. He loads his trucks with sand, mud, and mulch. I'll have to take a picture of some of his setups tomorrow and share those.

Zadie and Ezra have been having SO much fun with our little red cozy coupe car. I would say that at least 80% of the time we are outside, the car is occupied by at least one toddler. (I wrote "baby" at first, but at 17 months, they're hardly babies anymore!) My general philosophy has been that even though they're twins, we don't need two of everything. They can share- right? Well not always.

Yesterday, I'd had enough of the fighting to sit in the car, so I picked up a second car at a consignment shop. This one is a different color and the horn plays a tune. I should've known to get one that was exactly the same. Now the old red car sits empty and all three off them clamor over the new blue car.

Ezra and Zadie have both mastered the little plastic playset in the backyard. They can both climb up and slide down. We've separated the playset into 2 pieces. Zeke likes to "sell ice cream and cookies" out of the part with the door.

Tom's good friend Matt came down from Omaha for a weekend visit in March and brought Zeke a couple of sweet kites. We've been waiting for the perfect day to try it out. Today the winds were right and we walked down to the park for Zeke's first kite-flying experience. Awesome times. Thanks Matt!

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Rori Koch said...

Oh we love the videos!!! Checking in on your blog makes me think about our poor neglectful blog. Thanks for inspiring me with the vids/pics to head over to ours today and upload some family fun,pics, vids and lots of updates! Love and miss you all!