Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tired of Turkey Leftovers?

I posted a few years ago about a Chicken Tikka Masala recipe that is pretty much heaven.  Our friend Casey blogged about it, and it's actually The Pioneer Woman who originally published this recipe.  Every now and then, I think about it and can't sleep until I've made it and eaten it.  Anyway...  It's fantastic.

But when I don't have time to go all out, I love this recipe I tore out of the Ladies Home Journal a few years ago.  It's relatively hands-off-  25 minutes prep and 30 more minutes of cook time.  And if you plan accordingly, you can even make some killer homemade garlic naan while it's cooking.  I wanted to blog about it so that I can document it for the rest of time.  My beat-up page from the magazine won't last much longer!

Easy Chicken Biryani
Click HERE for recipe

*Don't be intimidated by all of the ingredients.  It's much easier than it looks and the prep is quick and not too messy! Plus, you only need one cutting board and one pot- easy cleanup!  

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Casey and Tom said...

I will have to try this- it sounds good!