Friday, January 18, 2013

Usual Shirtson

Zeke has been doing wonderful things lately. One of the most wonderful is appearing in the living room with random equipment and costumes. This was Christmas Eve. I asked him who he was.

I'm Usual Shirtson. I make shirts for people.

It's an important job. Someone has to do it.


Rori Koch said...

Love, love LOVE this post and Usual Shirtson!!! LOL Ezekial you are the bomb! Miss you lil guy. Love, Rori

Jessica Anne said...

I just stumbled upon your blog looking for information about VBACs with twins! I have a set of twins that are 16 months old and will be induced on Thursday (37 weeks) with my 2nd set of twins. I have a very supportive OB that says we can attempt the VBAC so we will see how things go. Thanks for sharing your birth story! I really enjoyed reading it :)