Sunday, September 21, 2008

Making Waves!

I'm sure that when we stopped liveblogging on Friday night, and didn't return on Saturday morning, you all thought we just quit our painting. Not so! Saturday was a busy day in the Lewandowski house as well!

While Tom got back to the painting in the baby's room, I whipped up a big batch of lasagna. I did some improvising with Honduran cheeses (generally not my favorite) and ended up with a delicious new recipe! We've got leftovers for lunch for a couple days this week now.

Tom began edging and then painting the top half of the room. It's going to be yellow- like sunshine and happiness. Two coats and 7 hours later, it looked great!

Today, I got to work making waves- literally! We got the idea to do an ocean themed sea turtle and starfish room. We wanted to have some nice bright sky and storybook style waves. After researching many different styles of waves online, we decided on a design. The next step was making a template out of newspaper and then transferring that to cardboard.

Finally, I traced the waves around the room, and I even did a little painting today! (Don't worry- the paint from yesterday was dry, and this was a very small amount of paint I was working with, so there weren't any bad fumes. I kept the windows open and the fan on too.)

All that's left is painting the "underwater" part blue. Here's a picture of the bedding set I want to get. Since we're getting a free crib from a fellow teacher friend, we (okay, mostly I) hope to splurge a bit on the bedding. Obviously, a comforter isn't really necessary for a Honduras baby, but it will make a really cute wall hanging- don't you think??? (And wouldn't the sea turtle mobile just make you coo off into dreamland???)

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Laura Helferich said...

You are lucky lasagna lasts that long at your place. Brad always devours it! Hope it's good - and the room looks great!!