Monday, September 29, 2008


iDo. iChat. withMyFriendsInMinnesota!

It took us over a year to figure out, but it turns out that there's yet another advantage to owning a Mac. I believe that all newer macbooks come with a built in video camera. Not too useful unless you use it for chatting with people online. A little over a week ago, we realized that there's this program called iChat and we can do live video chatting (and also voice and text) with any other mac users without downloading any special programs! (You don't even need to pay for the .mac subscription)

I was able to curl up with my Saturday morning coffee and watch my friends Ann and Megan enjoy their coffee and catch up about our weeks. No weird delays, no charge, and we could see each other. Pretty cool.

So, this is a call to any of our friends and family back home. If you have an AIM (The AOL instant messaging service) account, I believe this is compatible with ichat as well. This may be really old news to those people who have been video chatting and using all those programs for years, but it's kind of a new and exciting thing to me. (I'm sometimes a little slow to catch on to those technological advancements) If you'd like to try out the video chat with us sometime, drop us a note in the comments and we'll email you to get it all hooked up!


Joseph said...

my ichat AIM is jmechten76.

Hit me up yo.

Ann said...

this isn't true. i now question the validity of all of your blog entries.