Friday, October 10, 2008


I feel like I've just jumped years forward into the depths of parenting. For the past week or so, Ruby's doggy boyfriend, Fisher has been staying with us while his owner is away. (Ruby gets to spend some time at Fisher's house over Christmas) The dogs have a blast playing together. For hours each evening, they walk around the house together, bite each other's faces, and try to sit on each other.

While both dogs are fixed and we're in no danger of puppies, there are times as a mom that I feel I must step in. Tonight I told Fisher that I thought he should go stay at his house tonight (with another friend who is staying at the house). The Lewandowskis need to have some family time- just the 3 of us. I'm going to have a little talk with Ruby about spending too much time with just one other dog. She's young, and she needs to spend more family time with us! I feel like I've hardly seen her during the past week! Those two are always off running around the backyard, or worse yet, kissing each other.

When Fisher is here, she doesn't always follow the house rules (like no sleeping on couches at night). I feel like she's a different dog when Fisher is near. She's even started drinking! (Out of the toilet, that is.) Somtimes it's hard to be a (dog) mom.

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Mom said...

Thsoe teenagers!! What's a parent to do??