Saturday, October 18, 2008

This and That

It's been another busy week in Lake Wobegon- I mean La Ceiba.

Due to Tropical Depression Sixteen, school was canceled on Thursday and Friday of this week. While the storm did bring about quite a bit of rain on Wednesday, and was supposedly going to get worse in the coming days, the storm fizzled out once it hit land, and didn't pose much of a threat to us in La Ceiba. We woke up Thursday morning to blue skies and light showers later in the day. Our school totally would've had class, but COPECO (the Honduran equivalent of FEMA or something like that) declared that it would be illegal for any school to have class for 72 hours. Unfortunately, they declared this in the middle of the worst day, and Thursday and Friday were beautiful.

We went to the doctor again for a checkup on Thursday. He said that everything looks great! We even took a tour of the recovery rooms (that's what I think of them as) for after I have the baby at the hospital. Each room is equipped with cable TV, air conditioning, a second bed for hubby and a walk out balcony with an oceanfront view! You can visit our hospital's website here. Our doctor is a German man, who speaks 5 languages. He's the founder and director of the hospital. We like him!

Our doctor had not yet seen our ultrasound pics that proved our baby was, in fact, going to be a boy. When he looked at the pictures, he said (in Spanish), "I don't see any boy parts here! 18 weeks is too early to tell. That ultrasound doctor (not the one that our doctor normally works with) didn't know what he was talking about!" Imagine my concern when I pictured our little boy actually being born a little girl! So, we took advantage of a second day in a row off of school to visit the sonographer again (the one our doc recommends) and confirmed that Baby Lew IS actually going to be born with boy parts. It may seem like we do a lot of ultrasounds, but they only cost us $3 each! It's so fun to check him out and see him moving around. He's already up to 1 lb. 5 oz and around 12 inches long! That explains my ever-expanding belly.

Ruby thouroughly enjoyed her almost three-week stint with her boyfriend, Fisher. He went home to his owner today, and Ruby has been a bit sad ever since. Yesterday, we came across the dogs just hanging out in the doorway to the backyard. It was just too cute!

This morning, Tom had band practice with his friend. They're playing again on Wednesday nights at Expatriates Bar here in La Ceiba. It's always fun to listen as Tom learns new songs to sing and to play on the guitar. For the 10 years I've known him, I've been listening to him on bass, but recently his guitar skills have become quite good! Plus, he has such a nice voice too!

I'm officially in full nesting mode. Every day, I begin thinking about the evening meal. This week, my new recipes were rosemary roasted chicken, homemade enchiladas, french bread, monster cookies, and tonight's special- chicken pot pie from scratch! (I did have to substitute rosemary for sage in the crust, but it was still very tasty.)

Last weekend, we got our crib and put our rocking chair together (Okay, so Tom put them together, but I was solid moral support). Today, I saw the table man walking down the street selling this table. We already had a similar one that we've been using on our patio out front, but I've been thinking that it's just the right height for a changing table. I flagged him down and paid him 350 Lempira ($18) for his craftsmanship and home delivery. I think I'll sand it and paint it tomorrow. The nursery is really starting to come together!

Well, that's the news from La Ceiba, where the women are strong, the men are good looking, and the children are above average. (At least I'm pretty strong, Tom is definitely good looking, and I've got a good feeling about Baby Lew being above average.)

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