Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Day

Our alarm clock went off at 5:30, and by 5:40 am, my phone was ringing. School was cancelled! It's been raining for the past 20 hours pretty steadily, and when this happens, bridges go out and roads are flooded. No school for us today! (When our principal called to tell me, she could hear Tom singing and dancing "No school- phone tree!" in the background- she found this funny.)

We were already up and the coffee was on, so after activating my class phone tree to let the students know, we enjoyed a relaxing morning with coffee on the front porch, hot veggie & egg scramble, and fresh sparkly juice drinks. We have cozied up in our favorite cold weather clothing - sweatpants and t-shirts. Tom has even donned slippers for the occasion. For our first activity of the day, we curled up to listen to an episode of an NPR show we love (and so we download the podcast), "This American Life." Tom cuddled with Ruby on the floor, while I watched my belly move and dance around. (The baby really likes rain days with coffee and juice too!)

Who knows what other exciting activities today will bring! Happy Rain Day!

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