Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Blogging has been a bit slow for the past week or so. We've been going through some big changes in our routine. On Monday, after a glorious 3 months at home, I returned to work in my 4th grade classroom. While it was nice to get back to my class and my co-workers, it was really difficult to leave my little guy at home. We've got a wonderful nanny, Jessa, who has been giving Zeke loads of fun this week. He's adjusted well to drinking from the bottle, and seems really happy every day when we get home. All in all, he's doing splendidly. Now, I just have to get myself adjusted to the new routines.

I was thrilled this morning when I woke up and knew that I had 2 full days to stay home with my little family. I took this short video of Ezekiel sitting in the black chair in our living room. His neck is getting so strong and he gets really chatty sometimes. Unfortunately, this video does not capture a chatty moment. I'll keep working on that one.

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