Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How hearing loss can be a good thing

Karine: (shouting from guestroom) LOST is on tonight!
Tom:(shouting from kitchen) Lobsters are tonight??????
Karine: (from guestroom) Lobsters??? Mmmm. Yeah, let's have lobsters!
Tom: (walking into guestroom) You want to have Lobsters for dinner?
Karine: Yes. Will you go to the fish market and buy some please????

1 hour later

Tom returns with a bag of two fresh lobster tails- total cost $12. Karine whips up a batch of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and cuts the lobsters open just like they do at a restaurant. She looked on the internet to find out "how to butterfly lobster".

Delicious meal followed by wonderful entertainment. (LOST was on tonight).


Anonymous said...


my name is Amanda said...

You learned how to make lobster from the internet?! Very impressed over here!

Amanda Tippy said...

so we just got tickets for May 11th... and I am thinking I'd like to eat Lobster with ya'll on the 12th... - don't know what we'll feed Jarod since he is deathly allergic... but perhaps since we don't have an apt yet I should be working on that before the menu :). See you guys in a month!

Anonymous said...

This hearing thing is hereditary. Anne and Jon use to give me a hard time about things just like that. The lobsters looked wonderful.