Friday, July 31, 2009

Back in Honduras!

Since arriving home, our life has been busier than it's been in a very long time! Our first task upon arriving back in Honduras was to look for a nanny to take care of Zeke. We had less than 2 weeks from the time we arrived until we went back to work to find someone and train her in. Fortunately, thanks to our wonderful maid, Mercedes, we found the perfect girl for the job.

Zeke's new BFF/caregiver is named Aracely. She's a kind and patient, yet enthusiastic young lady from just outside of the city. Aracely will be living in the small building in our backyard on the weeknights, and heading home to be with her family on weekends. She's still studying at the local colegio in the evenings, and would like to become a nurse someday. Aracely started working this week, and I've been able to train her in on everything from bottle preparation to infant CPR/first aid- all in Spanish! In addition to being great with Zeke, she's also been very helpful around the house- cooking and organizing in her spare time.

Throughout the past week, we've been preparing the bodega behind our house for Aracely to move into this Sunday. Unfortunately, when Tom was up checking out some leaks and tree branches that had pushed onto the roof, he put his leg through the roof and into the bodega. Today, we've got our nanny's uncle and brother helping to replace parts of the roof and also get our house's roof ready for rainy season.

Above is the photo of Tom and the "skylight" he "installed". Below is the roof and ceiling- on the floor.

The repairmen (Aracely's uncle and brother) arrived at 6:30 this morning and got right to work chopping down the intrusive branches with thier machetes.

I'm pretty proud of how cool Aracely's casita (little house) will be. It's got a shower and toilet, air conditioning, and cable! We are repainting the inside and furnishing it with a nice rug, bed, and desk. I think it will be nicer than most college freshman could hope for in a dorm room!

Today, we've got roof repairmen, a nanny, a maid, and some furniture delivery people all around the house. The ladies are going to help me make baleadas (okay- they'll probably do most of the making) for everyone, and we're going to get this stuff done! We go back to work on Monday, so we're aiming to get up to the river sometime this weekend to enjoy one last weekend of our summer vacation.

Now that vacation is over, we hope to be back to regular blogging too! Thank you for your patience!

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Leo said...

I'm glad you guys are back, I really enjoy your musings about living in Honduras.
A salute from San Pedro Sula