Saturday, September 12, 2009

Karine's Birthday -- Staycation 2009

You might think I whiffed it big time by not posting something cute and special for my wonderful wife's birthday. Well, that might just be your opinion. I learned in my college informal logic class that contrary to conventional wisdom all opinions are not equal. Some opinions are less valid than others. And if you are of the opinion that I am a big whiffer than you are just plain wrong. Maybe you are a big whiffer.

Karine's birthday has been extended this year. We've turned it into a four day extravaganza. We have a four day weekend because its Independence Day on Tuesday. We nixed travel plans and decided to stay home, chill out, and do whatever Karine wants for four days. Scheduled activities include afternoons with Zeke in our luxurious inflatable swimming pool, mornings sipping coffee on the front porch, family outings to the mall, and cooperative blog sessions.

The word is staycation. We're taking a vacation, but we're staying at home.


She won't know this until she reads it, so it will be our little secret in the meantime. When we go to the mall this afternoon I'm going to get her that non-stick frying pan she's been pining for.

Best thing about Staycation 2009. We get to spend all of out time with this man:


Karine said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks, Tom. You're the best husband ever!

KarenLew said...

I really hope he didn't forget your birthday yesterday. I sure didn't. That's what sisters are for! Love ya and I hope you enjoy your "staycation". Zeke is such a peanut!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your two babies. Enjoy the last day of your "staycation."

Love, Mom L

Karine and Tom said...

We will enjoy the last day of our Staycation- on Tuesday! We've got a long weekend to celebrate the Teacher's Day holiday on Monday and Independence Day on Tuesday. No School! Yippee!

And Tom didn't forget my birthday. He's been making it special for two days already, I can't wait to see what days 3 and 4 have in store!