Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out of Office Notification

We're sorry, we cannot come to the blog today. We are away from our desks visiting Cayos Cochinos.

You may remember these beautiful islands from such great hits as Karine and Tom in Honduras 2008 and Karine and Tom in Honduras 2007.
Zeke has babysitters (twins!) and we've got a boat, an island, snorkels and fins.
Happy Sunday!


jacy said...

I cannot even imagine how cool this is. have a BLAST!

Kat said...


By the way, your support for the coup government is really unethical and creepy.

Seems that the coup government was using sonar equiptment to inflict pain on the people, the legal president, in the Brazilian Embassy.

The poor in the capital are being repressed in a very severe manner. Opposition media is being harrassed.

Yet, you have the belief that the coup government does these curfews for your saftey--and not to control the hundreds of thousands that mobilze to restore constitutional order.

Democracy is not the rule of the corporate business elite.

Oh, I forgot, you are 'Americans', so corporate propaganda have eliminated any modicum of critical thinking ability.

At the least, you folks are ethically retarded.

Shame on you people--supporting outright dictatorship, believing the wildest disinformation and lies at the drop of a hat.

Chris said...

VERY AWESOME! looks a little warmer than the mine pits!

KAT- This is a family and friends blog, not a political blog...

Anonymous said...

What's the matter Kat, CIA pump radioactive dust into your house too?

Ron S.
La Ceiba

Casey and Tom said...

What happened to the helmets? I've been working on a witty comment all day.

Karine and Tom said...

Sorry Casey,

We took the helmet post down because that post was attacked by a left wing whack-job. We're going to moderate our comments from now on to prevent jerk faces from using our blog as a platform for propaganda.

I was into it for a while. But we're not playing anymore.

We still welcome comments from friends old and new. But FYI, comments on the following subjects will not be posted:

-the coup
-the thing that was not a coup
-which people someone thinks Jesus wants to suffer
-comments containing the following phrases:
"ethically retarded"
"capitalist pigs"
"corrupt duopoly"
"stupefied and propaganda-addled"

And finally, if you feel the need to state explicitly that you are not wishing us death, your comment will probably not be posted.


Tom, Karine, Zeke, and Ruby