Sunday, September 13, 2009

Staycation Day One: Photos

Karine made pancakes for breakfast this morning. They were awesome. Now she's trying to make some bagels, also awesome. I will begin filling up the swimming pool after I finish this little project.

I'll try to put these pictures in order, more or less, chronological.

Zeke's number one toy these days. I guess you could call it an obsession. The man loves ice water in tall glasses. Its because he cut his first tooth this week. He's all about cool sensations on the gums. I took this glass away from him because somewhere in the instinctual protective father part of my brain alarm bells rang. Something about not letting your children chew on glass. Even if they want to. His cries when he realized I wasn't just goofing around: heart wrenching.

Zeke loves grass. Ruby loves Zeke.

In the backyard at dusk, with a flash. Did I mention that we figured out how to use the flash on on camera? Its neat.

Here's Zeke after bath time. This is pretty much Zeke's attitude toward life captured in this photo here. Unless you take his ice water away.

Here's dinner last night. Pictures of food are so weird. Lobster tails with chipotle-lime shrimp, served with ginger glazed carrots and rosemary potatoes. Washed down with a Chilean chardonnay that was nice and cold. Zeke did us the favor of shuffeling to dreamland before the food was on the table. I'll post recipes later.

Karine is making some kind of wacky stuffed Chinese balls for dinner tonight.


megan said...

everything about this day, sounds and looks FANTASTIC!! please post recipes, I want to make this dinner. real bad.

Anonymous said...

We love the pictures of Zeke!
The Zabells