Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Name Rejects for Twins: Atlas and Ajax

I tried to squeeze Atlas under Karine's radar as a possible name for Ezekiel. She was not a fan. I still think Atlas is a great name. It's a plausible name, at least. Apollo, Athena, and the other principals of the Greek pantheon are a little too mainstream for me. A little overplayed, I think. Like Zeus. You can' t call your kid Zeus. It's like calling your kid Steve. Yes, it's a powerful name, but a name whose time has come and gone. Cronus, on the other hand, now you're talking.

Atlas is a wonderful name for a little boy, especially if he's got some size in his genes. You might not want to name your son Atlas if he's gonna be a pipsqueak. But don't sell your son short. You don't have to be a giant to carry the name Atlas. Your child may be able to redeem his small stature with a mighty intellect.

Combine Atlas with Ajax, hero of the Trojan War, and you have yourself what I believe may be the ultimate pair of names for a set of boy-boy twins. Atlas and Ajax. Ajax and Atlas.

Ajax, thanking the gods for making him so awesome.

But we are not having boy-boy twins, so this brilliant pair we have to reject. Although, Ajax might work for a girl. Something to think about.

If nothing else I have a great set of names for the pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks I hope to own someday.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Unfortunately kids at school are not so well-read and knowledgable about how great these names might be...they would just be thought of as a resource book and a cleaner. :( Yikes!

Karine and Tom said...

Karine mentioned the Rand-McNally clause for Atlas. Good point. Hadn't thought of the cleaning product. Isn't that stuff just wanna be Comet.

Hey, Comet....That's a nice name there. This is a free-wheeling era for baby names. Why not Comet? Or Globe? Or Planet?

Anonymous said...

My sons name is Ajax and my friends sons name is Atlas an they are a couple of bad ass kids.