Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having Twins

We went to Target last night to do some shopping. That's right. Saturday night. Shopping at Target with the whole family. It was awesome!

We went there for a number of reasons. High on the list was a new pair of sandals for Zeke. I didn't realize that baby-size feet can develop adult-size foot funk. If you can smell your child's feet when they are sitting on your lap, you have a problem and you need to find a solution. We had no luck at Target, couldn't find size six. We're going to head to a bowling ally this afternoon and see if we can borrow some of that spray they use on the bowling shoes.

But we still had fun. I like to touch as many products as possible when we shop. Last night, I touched a pink fuzzy baby blanket and realized that we haven't announced the final verdict on the twins. Everything is going exactly as we planned it One boy, one girl.

We had an eight hundred dollar sonogram the other week. (They bill you for two!) The same procedure in Honduras cost us twenty-two dollars. But I'm pretty sure our sonogram here was more detailed. We learned that both babies are healthy and our little girl likes to kick our little boy in the face. The sonogram technician assured us that probably this would not harm the little boy. If they stay in their current positions, the boy will be born first. Due date: November 8th.


Kristin and Peter said...

Congrats on a boy AND a girl! I'm glad to see your little girl is already asserting herself! She'll show those brothers who the boss is for sure:)

Althea said...

Freaking sweet, congratulations!
PS-Milo's feet stink too sometimes. I wash his sandals in the washing machine and let them dry in the sun. No more stink. For a little while.