Sunday, July 18, 2010

Omaha Railroad Days

We celebrated Omaha's railroad heritage Saturday with a trip to Lauritzen Gardens, the Union Pacific Railroad Museum, and the RailsWest Railroad Museum. We had a blast. We discovered that Zeke loves trains. It's just that he calls them cars. One step at a time. He also calls airplanes boats.

Lauritzen Gardens was a charming discovery. That's what Karine says. I said, Karine, what you say about Lauritzen Gardens? A charming discovery, she says. I would say more. I would say that Lauritzen Gardens are probably the best gardens around since the hanging ones in Babylon. But I can be a bit of a hyperbolist. Especially when I'm talking about my home town.

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WillB said...

The last picture tells the whole story. I love the excitement in his face.