Friday, January 28, 2011

Hanging Around the House 1/23-28

The weather last week hit all time highs- 70 degrees! We spent some time playing outside in Nana and Papa's backyard. Zeke is pretty tired of looking at me lately. So much so, that he just covers his eyes when I'm around. :)

No joke- this kiddo really wants to play with some friends. Below is a picture I took of Zeke in the backyard looking through the fence to find the kids across the street. If this were a video, you'd hear him saying "Friends? Play friends? Friends out there?" I'm making an effort to find Zeke some friends by attending story/rhyme time at the local public libraries. He loves it. We'll work on finding some neighborhood friends soon.

Here are the three kids hanging out together. Zeke is constantly sitting/lying down somewhere and then telling the nearest adult to "put it right there!" He wants to have his brother or sister set down next to him. After we put it right there, he usually starts saying "Cheese". We indulge him and grab the camera about half the time Here's a cute "cheese."

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