Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year, New Adventure

Happy New Year! We've been a little behind in our blogging lately because we've been super busy. You might be wondering what we've been busy with... Well, it's our newest adventure- we're moving to Arkansas! Yes, the Lewandowskis are heading south!

When Tom's contracted writing job ended in December, we were hoping to find the perfect job opportunity here in Omaha. Everyone knows that times are tough and the economy isn't providing a lot of opportunities for job seekers. Our prayers were answered, and Tom received a job offer we couldn't pass up.

We'll be moving to the northwest corner of Arkansas in the Bentonville, Rogers, and Fayetteville area. Tom has already started working for Nelson Counseling and will be assisting my parents in their counseling business. He will also start graduate school to obtain his masters degree in Social Work.

We spent almost 2 weeks in early January down in Rogers, Arkansas. Tom worked and I child-reared. In the afternoons and evenings, we met with a realtor and visited homes. We did put an offer on a great house, and the offer was accepted! So, if all goes as planned, (it's a short sale, so we're keeping fingers crossed) we will be in our very own house by mid- February!

Our new house???

Just Kidding! We're hoping this is the one!

Of course, we're sad to leave Omaha and especially Grandma Jean, but we are excited about the new adventure. Nana and Papa are thrilled to have their grandchildren closer (and us grownups too, I'm sure). We're excited to get to know a new area of the country.

We took a 6 hour Sunday drive last weekend and spent some time enjoying the beauty of the Ozarks, right in our new backyard!

We are back in Omaha right now, tying up loose ends, packing our stuff (again), and loading up a POD. We'll be here through the next week, and then we're off to begin the next chapter of our lives. We'll post more soon about all the great things in Northwest Arkansas. I'm sure there's a lot of things people don't know about this undiscovered gem of a state!


Rori Koch said...

We wish you the best of luck on your next chapter in life!!
As you know Aunt Karen was visiting for the weekend...sadly just left an hour the kids and I cried for about 20 minutes after she left...we know we can Skype her soon :)
But she told me about your exciting move and new life to soon begin. So happy for you all! Sad for Grandma Jean though...what shall she do without you all there?! Give her a hug and tell her hello from all of us!
I understand how you are sooooo busy...but I hope that you keep us posted via your blog on how your all doing, etc
Talk soon....Ohhh BTW...does Jean know how to Skype??? The kids and I are hoping that we could skype with her and you all really soon.
Hugs, Rori

Rori Koch said...

Oh yes wed or thurs Skype would be perfect. I read the message to the kids and they're super excited.

Natalie says....My new baby cousins are adorable.

Sam says....I can't wait to see Zeke in July because he is getting so big. And Grandma Jean I am sending you a flower.

Christopher says....I have a train, lol.

I will keep my Skype online both evenings and you call when you're ready. 6 has been a good time for us to Skype so far. But up to you.

We can't wait to Skype with you all!!!

Kmk said...

How exciting for you! John's grandma and two uncles live in Rogers, Arkansas and they love it! Perhaps we could come visit you all next year? Happy packing and moving. L, Katy

my name is Amanda said...

I have been meaning to comment, since I first saw this post - I was born in, and spent the first decade of my life, in Arkansas - Hot Springs! And I have always felt that this state is highly underrated. Congratulations on the new job, the new home, and the upcoming new adventures!