Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving from Omaha to Arkansas

We spent Jan 13-22 back in Omaha to wrap up all sorts of loose ends. We hurried back to be at the big $10,000 giveaway at O'Daniel Honda. (Remember back in July when we won $2,500?) Well, we didn't win the big prize, but they did give us sandwiches.

After the non-winning event, we spent the next week frantically running around town and packing up our stuff from the house. I thought it would be pretty easy and not take that long. I wasn't exactly right. It was a lot of hard work, and having 3 little ones made it difficult to do any project for longer than an hour at a time.

But on Jan 22, we hit the road leaving all of our possessions locked up in a 16' POD. Tom pulled some amazing maneuvers getting everything into the pod. He called it a true Polish Packing Job. The final pieces were jammed behind the door as we pulled it down inch by inch, shoving things up a little higher as the door came down securing them. If everything arrives in one piece, we'll be lucky.

We're scheduled to close on our house on Feb. 25. We are so excited! We'll post more photos once it's a done deal and we've got the keys, but here's a little teaser. Our new backyard is HUGE! Zeke loves playing in it already (that's where he's spent time when we've been at the house) and I can see the entire fenced-in yard from the kitchen and living room. I predict many many hours will be spent in our backyard!

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Rori Koch said...

Wow you two have been very busy! Looks like a beautiful place. What a great opportunity for the five of you. So happy!
Tell everyone HI.