Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Father's Day and Other Stuff

Last week we celebrated Honduran Father's Day*. We've decided that as long as we live in Honduras, we'll celebrate both the Honduran holiday and the American holiday. Ezekiel and I visited school for the Father's Day program. Afterwards, we celebrated at home with some fast food and a family pool party- it was a special day!

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, I lost my cell phone. This is our fourth cell phone loss this year. The biggest bummer is that we had been using that 3G cell phone as a modem for our home internet. Ah- the wonders of technology. Well, this latest loss has left us without an internet connection at home. Please accept my apologies for lack of blogging- it's been a really tough week so far without internet! I never realized how much I depend on the internet to answer my questions and connect me with the outside world. Hopefully we'll have another connection option soon.

*I've been struggling with the use of the apostrophe in Father's Day. I know it's a day for more than one father, but Fathers' Day looks silly and Fathers Day takes away ownership of the day. By putting the apostrophe before the s, I'm giving ownership to the one father that means a lot to our family today- Tom. (Sorry, Dad- you have to live in Honduras to celebrate this holiday with us. We'll get you in June!)


Laurie said...

Nice family photograph. I am happy to see that you appear to be enjoying your Honduran adventure, even with the stress of a new baby and loss of cell phone. I lost a phone 3 or 4 weeks ago. I think it was pickpocketed, but phones are cheap here. I no longer carry expensive phones.

Kmk said...

Love the family photo!