Thursday, December 29, 2011


Grandma Jean came to town to visit us just before Christmas. We had a blast! Whenever someone comes to visit us we like to try to do a new activity. This time we drove out to the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari, about 30 minutes from our house. One might think that a safari in the middle of nowhere, Arkansas might be a bit tame. We were delighted to find that there was no crowd, but lots of really cool animals to see up close.

We started in the petting zoo area. One cool thing was that we weren't asked to buy handfuls of food to participate in the petting zoo. All is included with admission. They just gave us 2 big loaves of bread to share with the animals.

This pig was huge and had at least thirteen chins! I see a New Years resolution with more exercise and fewer carbs in his future.

A highlight of the safari for all of us was petting the kangaroos. I had never been this close to a kangaroo before and they were incredibly soft and so gentle. Neat!

The next part of the safari experience was the drive-through. We followed a narrow road through beautiful pastures, ponds, and woods where we saw hundreds of animals roaming freely.

Some animals felt very comfortable coming right up to our car! The signs throughout the drive warn us against rolling down windows or feeding the animals. We could understand why.

If anyone else wants to come for a visit, we'd happily head out to this safari again!

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