Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things Zadie Won't Do

Our extremely sweet, incredibly happy little girl has a couple tiny little issues with a few things.
At one year and one month...

1. Zadie doesn't do bottles.
Nope. She used to, and then decided she didn't like them. She throws a giant fit if you try to give her one, closing her lips, shaking her head, and bucking like a wild bull. We just stopped trying. We figured she'd just go straight to the sippy cup. Except...

2. Zadie doesn't do cups.
Plastic and glass do not touch those lips. The little girl still prefers breastmilk from the source at this point.

3. Zadie doesn't do pacifiers.
See above- nothing but the real thing for this girl.

4. Zadie doesn't do utensils.
She eats it with her fingers or she doesn't eat it at all. A true lady.

5. Zadie doesn't do cribs.
We've got the princess and the pea on our hands. She'll nap in a crib during the daytime (after you rock her to sleep and set her down oh so daintily.) But at night, she'll wake up every half hour and cry until we bring her into our bed to sleep. Luckily we've got a big bed and we don't mind. It won't last forever, and she's just too sweet to deny her!

Zadie is such a happy, smiley, and social little girl that we just don't care if she has a few hangups. We're happy to indulge her!

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