Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Product Review: Duo Splash Float

I'm a part of the Northwest Arkansas Moms of Multiples Club.  It's a group that meets monthly to share stories, experiences, and support for other moms of multiples and expecting moms.  Recently, someone shared on our group website that they had heard about this new pool float designed especially for twins.  I checked out the website and was really excited about the prospect.  I contacted the owner and she cheerfully gave me a discount in exchange for a review of this float.

My package arrived quickly after I ordered and I was excited to put it to use!  Here's what we thought of it...

Setup-  The Duo Splash float arrives compactly folded into a small box.  Very easy to throw in the minivan next to giant strollers and pool gear.   It just has one "blower"  and we were able to blow it up by mouth in about 5 minutes.  I was afraid it might take longer because of the size of the float, but really it was quick and easy.

The Maiden Voyage-  My twins are 19 months old, and my older son is 3.  I was so excited to think that we'd be able to manage all 3 kids so much easier.  At first, the babies weren't sure about getting their legs in the holes-  the leg holes are deep and the twins were up to their chests in water while sitting in the float.  Overall they loved it-  I was able to hold on to their float with one hand and push it around the shallow end of the pool.  They giggled and enjoyed zooming around.  A big plus for the float was that it was still very stable even when we only used one side.  Our twins often like to do the same activities, but not always.  The float was sturdy and stable with one or two babies and I had no fears about it flipping over.

 Price- $25 plus shipping.  I think it's a reasonable price, considering 2 single floats would run about the same price or more.  Why not just go for the convenience of keeping the kiddos together?

Overall-  A great product for families with 2 or more small kids.  It makes the impossible (swimming with 3 small kids and 2 adults) seem possible- not to mention fun!

If you want to order this float for yourself or someone you know (great gift for someone expecting twins!) you can order here:

Or visit their Facebook page here:

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