Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Master Bath Remodel

From the very first time we saw our master bathroom (our real estate shopping walk thru pictured below), we knew the wallpaper would have to go sometime.  Everyone loves burgundy and forest green stripes. The floral border was really the crowning touch.  It's like 1995 had a party in our bathroom.   


3 weeks ago, I convinced Tom that it was time to start our little project.  I figured that Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect time.  2 days to do the project and an extra weekend day to enjoy- right?  
Well, it turns out it was a bit more than a 2 day project.  
The process:
1.  Remove wallpaper and border-  remove top "shiny layer" of paper, score, spray, scrape, scrape, pull, repeat.
2.  Use spackle to cover the 4,000 blemishes on drywall.  
3.  Sand with new power sander. 
4.  Discover dust everywhere in house.  
5.  Re-spackle the remaining 300 blemishes.
6.  Sand more.  
7.  Prime
8.  Paint  (Behr brand "Clear Pond")
9.  Paint accent walls red.  Decide it doesn't work.
10.  Re-prime and re-paint accent walls blue
11.  One more coat all over everything.
12.  Clean clean clean!  
13.  Finishing touches-  spray paint fixtures, hang wall art, re-hang fixtures.  


Drumroll.....  AFTER!!!  

All in all, the project was 2 full weekends and 3 other nights.  No easy task, but we're thrilled with the end result!

Eventually, we're planning to paint the cabinets dark and spray paint the doorknobs to match.  For now, we're done with the projects in the bathroom and ready to enjoy it!