Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Tom

Dear Tom,
It's a beautiful day in our backyard. Ruby asked me to write and say how sorry she is about the pool. She had so much fun ruining the pool last year that she couldn't help herself this year.

Zeke would like you to know that he thinks I did a pretty good job cleaning up the pool today while he napped. Zeke would like to have a family pool party when you get home from work.

I did not find the hole, but I spent a long time looking for it and worked on my tan in the process. Meanwhile, I've refilled the pool with air and water and both seem to be staying. See you soon!

Karine, Zeke, and Ruby


jacy said...

love it! i hope the water and air stayed in!

Anonymous said...

Tom would proably enjoy the pool more if you move it a little closer to the house. Then he can use the roof for a high dive.