Thursday, March 12, 2009

Psychology Apology

Karine has always been a great supporter of my various attempts to assemble words into coherent sentences. She laughs at my stories when they are funny and cries when they are sad. More importantly, she always lets me know when I say something stupid. She told me yesterday that, while she personally enjoyed my piece about psychology, economics, and the happiness industry, it may have offended the following people:

People being treated for mental illness
People who have purchased books about happiness
People who are trying to become happier
People whose loved ones are trying to become happier
My mother-in-law

I offer my sincerest apologies to anyone offended or hurt by what I wrote yesterday. I have tremendous respect for mental health professionals who make it their life’s work to alleviate suffering and serve those experiencing emotional distress. This is not easy work.

Anyone who listens with an empathic ear as someone unloads their troubles comes to carry a portion of those burdens themselves. Psychologists, counselors, priests, bartenders, friends, AA sponsors, teachers, coaches, and complete strangers do this every day. It is truly God's work. Emotional support and careful counsel are some of the greatest gifts we are able to give one another.

Karine also delicately informed me that I am hypocrite because this book
is currently resting on top the toilette tank in our guest bathroom. I purchased it using a credit card several years ago. I read it and loved it. She says it has made me happier. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify her claim. I’m taking the fifth.


Laurie said...

Hats off to Karine. And also kudos for Tom for having the maturity to make things right. As an educator, I have great respect for those who stand beside me to help children, especially those who have experienced trauma, abuse or plain old hard luck.

Lofchie Family said...

Thanks for the apology... as a counselor I was aghast at your previous post, as a person of science I couldn't agree with you more. Well actually, science has started to get pretty wacky since Heisenberg and his uncertainty principle (hard science? quantum physics?). What about Schroedinger's Cat? At a certain point science starts to sound like psychology. I for one am grateful that our brains are not so simple that we could understand them, for if they were we would not be smart enough to understand them... or something like that.

PS: I actually dug that previous post and didn't feel that an apology was even necessary. And sorry for the quantum physics references, I am a pretty big geek, I guess.