Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Month Old

Ezekiel is already one month old! I can hardly believe that a month has passed by so quickly!
Throughout the course of the last month, Zeke has grown so much. He's already outgrown any "newborn" sized clothes that have feet on the end. His body is just too long! He's got a very healthy appetite and has already acquired an extra chin or two. We work on the leg chub daily. He sleeps well at night. After his 10:30 bedtime, Zeke usually gets up only once or twice before wake up time at 6 in the morning.

Ezekiel has been visited by so many friends and family in his first month. We are so lucky to have a supportive community here. Our visit with Grandma and Grandpa Nelson was a delight, and Ezekiel was a champ on his first vacation. He made his first visit to Mazapan School last week and delighted the students and teachers with his pale skin and dark blue eyes. Everybody says that he is beautiful and looks exactly like his dad. I agree that both father and son are extremely good looking.

Zeke is developing his skills daily. He can hold his head up for 5-10 seconds at a time. He loves looking at his stuffed puppy with the big eyes. We enjoy dancing in the living room and reading books together- especially the "White Dog" page in Eric Carle's Brown Bear. Ezekiel loves cuddling with his dad on the couch and listening to him play "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" on the guitar. He can recognize both Mom and Dad by voice and also when we stand about a foot or two away.

We love to watch Ezekiel's facial expressions. The best time to catch him is those moments between sleep and awake. During these precious minutes, he goes through his entire vocabulary of facial expressions. We get smiles, grimaces, kissy faces, and a couple others that just melt our hearts. Here is an example of the kissy face that I'm so fond of.

Happy First Month of Life, Ezekiel!


my name is Amanda said...

(Typo in previous comment!)

Heehee...I think the theme for the video might be "enough with the paparazzi!" In addition, I don't have anything more sophisticated to say, other than These pictures are SO CUTE!!! Love the last one especially...could that be Zeke's his First Look?

Anonymous said...

I love the updates! You are so lucky that Zeke is a great sleeper! We are still working on that...A big kiss to Zeke! Love, Becky/Spanish

Ann said...

I'm DYING. You have to bring him to me NOW. I'm gonna have to start looking at tickets. For Ezekiel's sake, really.

Kmk said...

Loved the pictures of Zeke!! He looks a lot like Tom - tall, dark, and handsome. ;o)
And he looks wicked smart too!

Amanda Tippy said...

hey... lookin' good! When can you 3 come over for dinner?