Friday, July 31, 2009

Ezekiel's Baptism

On Sunday, July 19, we celebrated Ezekiel's baptism. We were blessed to be joined by godparents Aunt Karen, Uncle Chris, and also by Grandma Jean. Thank you so much to my parents for their help in arranging the baptism at their beautiful church and also for hosting us all for the weekend. It was such a special event!

The baptismal gown that Zeke is wearing comes from Tom's mother's grandmother's wedding dress. The lace from the petticoat was used to create the gown that Tom's grandfather and Tom were baptized in.

This gown is around 100 years old! It was so neat to have such an heirloom piece as a part of Ezekiel's special day.

We celebrated afterward with a delicious meal, followed by some Tres Leches cake- a Honduran favorite! Zeke even got to try a little of the frosting. He'll have to wait a while longer to have any real cake.

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Steven Hunt said...

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I am on my way to Honduras to help find my friend. But, please, understand a little more about the history of US imperialism, deathsquads, etc. in the region before you deem this repression as 'democratic'.

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Good luck to you--and I pray to God that you don't corrupt your children with your undemocratic, anti-humane ethos. It's creepy.