Friday, July 3, 2009


We had a fantastic visit to Minneapolis this week. While our schedule was packed, we managed to visit with many friends and even found a little time to relax in our former hometown.

We began the week with a birthday brunch with the Zabell family. Zeke met his first baby of the week, first-cousin-once-removed, Hannah.

After that, we went to our BBQ Extravaganza at Tommy and Casey's house. There, Zeke met about 20 of our friends from MN and a few more babies. The P's have been wonderful friends to us for many years. Every time we're in Minneapolis, they so generously open thier home and hearts to us. We love visiting them, and as our kids get older together, we know the fun times will continue.

Above is Kathryn, Teagan, Eleanor, and Zeke. Their dads were all residents of 5508 5 years ago. Below is Eleanor P., the 6 month old cutie putting the moves on Zeke. We have high hopes for the future!

Another of Tom's college roommates had a son around 3 months ago. Here we are with Peter, Laura, and Andrew. Andrew and Zeke may even be Johnnies together someday just like their dads.

Above Zeke is hanging out with his new friend, Joey. Below is Zeke with his other new friend, Ann. We are so lucky to have been able to spend time with these important people in our lives.

And here is Megan. Sometimes we call her Megan, sometimes Vegas, but Zeke calls her Mimi. We'd like to say a special thank you to Mimi and Kiki for opening up their home to us this week. These two friends are always so fun and funny to be around. Zeke had a blast snuggling with Megan, and doing a silly photo shoot with Kevin.

All in all, it was an awesome week. Now we're ready to head up north for a week with Tom's family. We can't wait!


Laurie said...

What a wonderful piece- a nice respite from the deluge of bad news here. You may like the new song about Zelaya that is being played on Channel 8. Check my blog for the new tune. Hopefully avaiable for download from itunes!

megan said...

it looks like Zeke REALLY has fun with joey...but who doesn't?? i was SO glad to see you guys and spend time with you while you were here!!! Zeke is adorable! and he and Elenore are totally gonna get married....she told me so.

Honduras Sprout said...

What fun you guys are having! Will you be returning to Honduras?

I've gotta tell ya that Zeke is such an adorable little man!! Now if things don't end up working out with Elenore, I've got a little Elena to introduce him to.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Kiki and Auntie Mimi were loving the quality time with the Lew's! Thanks again for dog-sitting last Saturday. Much appreciated!